Electrician Exam Question Answers 2

What is primary cell?
Answer: A primary cell is a cell that produces electric current from an electromechanical reaction but is not capable of recharged

Why oil is used in a transformer?
Answer: Oil is used in transformer to increase the dielectric strength of the insulation, to keep down the possibility of arcing between the coils, and to dissipate heat to the outer case so that the transformer may carry heavier loads with out excessive over heating

What is fixed appliance?
Answer: Once the equipment is fastened in a definite location such as built in dish washer, built in electric heater, built in cooking equipment etc.

What are eddy currents and whether eddy currents are objectionable?
Answer: Eddy currents are the circulating currents induced in the conducting materials by varying magnetic fields. Yes, eddy currents are objectionable. They represent the loss in energy and also can cause over heating

What is meant by the voltage of the circuit?
Answer: This is the greatest effective difference of potential (root mean square value) that exist between the two conductors of a circuit.