Electrician Exam Question Answers

What is the standard direction for the rotation of the motor?
Answer: Clockwise. The shaft the motor should appear to rotate in counter clockwise when seen from the front end of the motor.

What is the principle of power generated in the alternator?
Answer: Power is generated when a conductors cuts the magnetic lines of force or by the lines of forces cutting the conductors

In armature of the dc generator which type of current is produced?
Answer: In DC generator armature AC current is produced. However it is made to uni directional current with the help of commutator

What is a thermocouple?
Answer: A Thermocouple consists of two dissimilar metals connected together at a point. When a heat is applied at the point a voltage will be generated

What is a power factor meter?
Answer: A Power Factor meter is a wattmeter calibrated to read the power factor directly instead of watts. It is connected in the circuit in the same manner as a wattmeter

What is "jogging" of Induction Motor?
Answer: Inching a motor or constant starting and stopping of a motor to move it little at a time is called jogging of the motor