Electrician Exam Questions Answers 4

What is momentary contact switch?
Answer: Momentary Contact switches are used to close or open the circuit momentarily. This switch is provided with switch so that when the button or handle is removed the switch returns to normal position

Is it possible to have circuit having pure inductive reactance?
Answer: This cannot be possible, any circuit or wire will have resistance along with inductance

What are the precautions to be taken while using ammeter?
Answer: Some of the precautions to be taken while using ammeter are:

  • Know which type of current is flowing through the circuit (ac or dc).
  • Chose the ammeter such that the rating of the ammeter must be greater than the current flowing through the circuit.

What is Capacitor Start and Capacitor run Motor?

Answer: This motor is same as Capacitor Start Motor except it has an extra capacitor connected in the starting winding which will be always connected to the motor circuit unlike the starting capacitor. Starting capacitor is connected only during the starting of the motor and disconnects during normal operation by a centrifugal switch.

What is a grounding electrode conductor?
Answer: It is a conductor used to connect the grounding electrode to the equipment grounding conductor and/or to the grounded conductor of the circuit at the service

What is pressure connector?
Answer: A device that establishes a good electrical connection between two or more conductors by some means of mechanical pressure. It is used in place of soldering connections and should of the approved type.