Electrician Exam Questions Answers 5

What is secondary cell?
Answer: A cell that is capable of being recharged by passing an electric current through it in the opposite direction from the discharging current.What is half wave rectifier?
Answer: A rectifier that allow only one half of the AC wave is called half wave rectifier

What are two basic types of transformers?


  • Isolation type transformers: The two windings are physically isolated and electrically insulated from each other.
  • Auto transformer type: There is only one coil with a tap or taps taken off of it to secure other voltages (primary is a part of the secondary and secondary is part of the primary)

What is "Service Lateral"?
Answer: The underground service conductors between the street main, including any risers at the pole or other structure or from transformers, and the first point of connection to the service entrance conductors in a terminal box. The point of connection is considered to be the point of entrance of the service conductors into the building

What is meant by ground?
Answer: An electrical connection either accidental or intentional that exist between an electrical circuit or equipment and earth, or some other electrical conducting body which serves in place of the earth

What is a circuit breaker?
Answer: A device that is designed not only to open and close a circuit non automatically but also to open the circuit automatically at a predetermined current over load value. The circuit breaker may be thermally or  mechanically operated.