NEC 225: Outside Branch Circuits and Feeders Flashcards


Rating of Disconnecting Means for Building or other structures supplied by Feeders or Branch Circuits

NEC Code: 225.39

Clearance of Feeder Conductors over Building and other Structures rating over 600V

NEC Code: Table 225.61

Lighting Equipment Branch Circuits Installed Outdoors

NEC Code: 225.7

Building or Structure Disconnecting Means

NEC Code: 225.52

Open Branch or Feeder Conductor Spacing

NEC Code: 225.14

Number of Supplies Supplying Buildings or Other Structures by Feeders or Branch Circuits

NEC Code: 225.30

Calculation of Branch Circuits and Feeder Loads 600V, nominal and less

NEC Code: 225.8

Feeders Clearances over Roadways, Walkways, Rail, Water and Open Land having rating above 600V nominal

Table: 225.60

Clearance for Overhead Conductors and Cables rating less than 600V

NEC Code: 225.19

Multiconductor Cables on Exterior Surfaces of Buildings

NEC Code: 225.21