NEC 285: Surge Protective Devices, 1 kV and Less Flashcards

Number of SPDs Required

NEC Code: 285.4

Type 2 SPDs (TVSSs)

NEC Code: 285.24

SPD grounding connections

NEC Code: 285.28

Short-Circuit Current Rating of Surge Protective Device (SPD)

NEC Code: 285.6

Type 3 SPDs

NEC Code: 285.25

Routing of Connections for SPDs

NEC Code: 285.12

Location of SPDs

NEC Code: 285.11

Type 1 SPDs (Surge Arresters)

NEC Code: 285.23

Surge-Protective Devices (SPDs) not permitted

NEC Code: 285.3

Conductor Size connecting SPDs

NEC Code: 285.26