NEC Code 2: Wiring and Protections Table List Flashcards


Specific Purpose Branch Circuits

NEC Code: Table - 210.2

Maximum Cord and Plug Connected Load to Receptacle

NEC Code: Table - 210.21(B)(2)

Demand Factors for Kitchen Equipment — Other Than Dwelling Unit(s)

NEC Code: Table - 220.56

Supports for Service Entrance Cables or Individual Service Entrance Conductors

NEC Code: Table - 230.51(C)

Clearances over Roadways, Walkways, Rail, Water, and Open Land

NEC Code: Table - 225.60

Demand Factors and Loads for Household Electric Ranges, Wall-Mounted Ovens, Counter Mounted Cooking Units, and Other Household Cooking Appliances over 13⁄4 kW Rating

NEC Code: Table - 220.55

Grounding Electrode Conductor for Alternating-Current Systems

NEC Code: Table - 250.66

Lighting Load Demand Factor

NEC Code: Table - 220.42

Additional Branch Circuit Load Calculation References

NEC Code: Table - 220.3

Method for Calculating Farm Loads for Other Than Dwelling Unit

NEC Code: Table - 220.102

Minimum Size Equipment Grounding Conductors for Grounding Raceway and Equipment

NEC Code: Table - 250.122

Clearances over Buildings and Other Structures

NEC Code: Table - 225.61

Demand Factors for Household Electrical Clothes Dryers

NEC Code: Table - 220.54

Receptacle rating for various size Branch circuits

NEC Code: Table - 210.21(B)(3)

Permitted Load Calculations for Service and Feeder Conductors for New Restaurants

NEC Code: Table - 220.88

Summary of Branch Circuit Requirements

NEC Code: Table - 210.24

General Lighting Loads by Occupancy

NEC Code: Table - 220.12

Demand Factors for Feeders and Service Conductors for Schools

NEC Code: Table - 220.86

Demand Factors for Three or More Multifamily Dwelling Units

NEC Code: Table - 220.84

Demand Factor for non Dwelling Receptacle Loads

NEC Code: Table - 220.44

Method for Calculating Total Farm Load

NEC Code: Table - 220.103