Services 230 Flashcards


Overhead Service Conductors Clearances

NEC Code:230.24

Individual Service Entrance Conductors Entering Buildings or Other Structures

NEC Code: 230.52

Overhead Service Conductors Size and Rating

NEC Code: 230.23

Underground Service Conductors Protection against damage

NEC Code: 230.32

Overhead Service Conductors Point of Attachment

NEC Code 230.26

Overhead Service Conductors Insulation or Covering

NEC Code 230.22

Raceway Seal for Services

NEC Code 230.8

Maximum number of Service Equipment Disconnects

NEC Code: 230.71

Installation of Individual Open Service Entrance Conductors

Table 230.51(C)

Services Clearance on Buildings

NEC Code 230.9

Overhead Service Conductors Supports over buildings

NEC Code 230.29

Service Entrance Conductors Mounting Supports

NEC Code: 230,51

Insulation of Service Entrance Conductors

NEC Code: 230.41

Overhead Service Locations

NEC Code: 230.54

Number of Service Entrance Conductor Sets

NEC Code: 230.40

Service Conductors Considered Outside the Building

NEC Code: 230.6

Other Service Conductors in Raceways and Cables

NEC Code: 230.7

Protection of Service Entrance Conductors against Physical Damage

NEC Code: 230.50