Services 230 Flashcards


Service Conductors Considered Outside the Building

NEC Code: 230.6

Overhead Service Locations

NEC Code: 230.54

Installation of Individual Open Service Entrance Conductors

Table 230.51(C)

Overhead Service Conductors Insulation or Covering

NEC Code 230.22

Service Entrance Conductors Mounting Supports

NEC Code: 230,51

Raceway Seal for Services

NEC Code 230.8

Protection of Service Entrance Conductors against Physical Damage

NEC Code: 230.50

Maximum number of Service Equipment Disconnects

NEC Code: 230.71

Overhead Service Conductors Supports over buildings

NEC Code 230.29

Overhead Service Conductors Point of Attachment

NEC Code 230.26

Other Service Conductors in Raceways and Cables

NEC Code: 230.7

Individual Service Entrance Conductors Entering Buildings or Other Structures

NEC Code: 230.52

Overhead Service Conductors Size and Rating

NEC Code: 230.23

Underground Service Conductors Protection against damage

NEC Code: 230.32

Overhead Service Conductors Clearances

NEC Code:230.24

Services Clearance on Buildings

NEC Code 230.9

Number of Service Entrance Conductor Sets

NEC Code: 230.40

Insulation of Service Entrance Conductors

NEC Code: 230.41